Smart Factory Planning

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Planning for smart factories and engineering

Focusing on the individualized and differentiated needs of customers for smart manufacturing, Haitian provides complete high-end design and implementation of smart factories ranging from automation system integration solutions to water and electricity system engineering, centralized supply of raw materials, and intelligent logistics planning.

According to the characteristics, development stages and management appeals of different industries, MES+ system carries out customized development to help customers improve the quality of enterprise operations.

Targeted and professional industry solutions currently cover eight product industries, including auto parts, household appliances, toys, medical care, and daily necessities, to maximize the role of plastic processing equipment.

Overall Plant Planning

Haitian provides one-stop service for customers’ injection molding intelligent factories, mainly covering the overall planning of injection molding factories, water and electricity system engineering, centralized supply of raw materials, automation integration and logistics, intelligent factory information management, etc.

Intelligent Hydropower

Haitian realizes the balanced control of water pressure of injection molding machine and mold and the effective proportion of flow, which greatly improves cooling effect, reduces production cycle and improves production efficiency.

Centralized Feeding

The central feeding system can realize the centralized storage, processing and transportation of raw materials, which can effectively improve the production efficiency, greatly improve the factory production environment and enhance the overall image of the company while saving energy and labor.


Taking the injection molding machine as the core and combining the robot, the magnetic template and the one-key mold changing device, Haitian automates the production, installation and disassembly of the injection workshop.